Friday, September 11, 2015

Perjuangan Ultras Malaya #ultrasmalaya

 The mass media is playing the blame game on the Ultras for their brave act in Stadium Shah Alam the other night. I would have been in the stadium if not for an emergency case that came up last minute despite planning to attend the calling by Ultras for true fans to show their strut. I am disappointed with the media who are trying their best to show the so called EVIL amongst this batch of Malaysia supporters. I am sure the ultras bashing is being orchestrated by the powers up there: obviously the one funding them .. periuk nasi maah..
All Malaysia football fans were angry, dismayed by the poor performance of the team in the last few games. Of course the pinnacle was the 10-0 drubbing by UAE. Everybody knows the root of the problem which have been breeding for years; and being let to rut. It is unfortunate for Dollah Salleh to inherit the title of the WORST MALAYSIAN COACH ever with our heavy defeats to Oman, Palestin with 6-0 each and the UAE tragedy.
ULTRAS did what they had to do. There was no other way or SALURAN to use as it has been exhausted and not being taken seriously by the authorities.
Perhaps it was over the top, but HOW ELSE BRO? How else to make the whole nation realize how bad the situation is at the moment.
The media is trying to brainwash the public of how embarrassing to have the ULTRAS around.. but HONESTLY, I AM MORE EMBARRASSED with our LOST to PALESTIN.. C/mon.. PALESTIN? A turmoiled country and we lost to them. 10-0? WAAAHH.. Memang standard SAN-MARINO..ANDORRA.
I am a keen Malaysia football fan and as much as possible will try to be at our team games despite their mediocrity at times, even though the games were played with only a scarce number of fans. You can check out my previous entries about Malaysia team and i will continue to support despite us being in the lowest pit of quality at the moment. 
Ultras Malaya has brought a new dimension to the supporting crowd of the national team. It used to be very boring and only full of swearing by the crowd. At times everybody would cheer and sing to the tune of Inilah Barisan kita. But since it has the word Barisan, few are not too happy to sing and clap with it anymore... haha
Ultras would chant.. and sing..and dance for the whole game. Before and especially after the game. They will continue giving their support and I've NEVER seen them jeered the National team players during the game. The crowd used to boo certain players from the likes of Zainal Abidin Hassan to Khalid Jamlus. The worst was when KJ brought MYTEAM to play Malaysia. That was a purely CIRCUS game! Perhaps KJ had the same sentiment against the FAM admins as he was the Deputy President then. He must have realized something had to be changed and organized the circus. That was the saddest moment when our players in the traditional national colours were booed by the crowd and only a handful of us cheered the National team. Imagine if ultras were around then..
Ultras best moment? The electrifying legendary moment of AFF 2014 finals in Bukit Jalil. They did the parade and made the whole stadium in awe with their support and chants. Whoever was present in the SSBJ would witness to the best of support in our lifetime. It certainly made the players fired up for the game and despite losing, NEVER did the ultras bowed away from supporting till the very end. 
KAMONLAH MEDIA.. Jangan makan suap!! Where is your integrity? 

To the ULTRAS, Please continue to show your support to Harimau Malaya. You've made the difference to all national team suppporters out there. Sapa yang banyak komen tu confirm not those who goes to the stadium..Wannabees who only support the national team when we are winning which defines them as not true supporter.


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