Tuesday, November 03, 2015

My Hajj Journey Part 2

To tell you the truth, I don't really have that much of pictures to share. Somehow along the trip, it did not trigger me to snap pics here and there as how i would usually do. Brought my selfie stick but almost did not use it as i felt wrong doing that.
 My initial plan was to do a video log of what I do everyday from arrival till departure. It was not doable because once you are there, it did not become a priority. What was more important was the submission to Allah. And that feeling is totally unexplainable. I reckon to those who have gone through this journey may understand what i mean. As how i began to understand the magical wonders of hajj in this trip as it went.
1 Zulhijjah 1436 - 10 days before wukuf; the date of my flight from Kl to Jeddah. We were scheduled to fly on the commercial flight instead of a chartered flight. It was via Saudi airlines thus our departure point was from KLIA instead of Kelana Jaya. Thus we were known as SV 12 as compared to the standard Tabung Haji fellas of KT (I had a hard time to describe to our fellow jemaah in Mekah when we met haha) 
In terms of experience, we missed the crowd, the atmosphere in Kelana Jaya that is knwon to be very festive  and the police escort to KLIA. What we appreciated was it was possible for the kids to see us till the boarding gate. If the check in was in Kelana Jaya, we don't think it was suitable to bring the kids to the crowded area. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, it was a small affair, both of our parents and siblings came to the house before we left. 
                                   classic picture - must find my grandpas pic posing as such.
 After putting on the ihram it felt different. My mind was focused towards what I will be going through. The last few months was about consolidating my knowledge about hajj. Eventhough i learnt about it in school. it was different pondering on the knowledge as it was the ibadah i was going to perform. Papa recited the doa for us.
 And at that moment when my eldest son recited the azan before our departure, it hit me. Labbaikallahummalabbaik.. Labbaikkalasharikalakalabbaik...
 Felt proud of Qayyum as he has been trained to stand up to his role on this day that he will remember for the rest of his life. I saw the tears in his eyes which translated to his quiet cry while in the MPV to KLIA. 
 Kids were as usual jovial. Perhaps only the elder 3 understood what was going on as we were leaving them for a month. Perhaps their previous experience sending and picking me up at the airport gave them a bit of comfort of not feeling the temporary loss. 
"See you in October Ummi.." Qaisya yelled as we were proceeding to the immigration counter. Typical of her personality; few days before the departure, Qayyum n Marissa would be sobbing and crying while going to sleep. Qaisya went" Why is everybody crying?" haha typical. 
We did not feel too sad leaving them ( as for me mmg takde perasaan la.. haha I've left them too many times) because i guess our minds were directed towards the bigger task at mind. For Allah to accept our humble ibadah. 

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PeRdU cINta said...

Alhamdulillah PC dan suami dah daftar haji..Allahu..bila anak sendiri azan merestui pemergian ibu ayah..pastinya Allah lagi mengalu alukan kedatangan hambaNya ke tanah penuh barakah..
Niat beribadah..lurus putih dan tulus..sekeping dua nak berselfie sebagai kenangan peribadi tidak salah..cuma wajar berhati hati..niat..itu yang Allah pandang..tujuan..itu yang Allah cari pada jemaah..lepas ada rezeki Dr boleh pergi bawa anak anak sekali..amin...amin...amin..