Tuesday, November 03, 2015

CIkgu garang

My children is getting bigger and wifey can't really manage the elder ones as how she would like to. Especially during the exam week as too often i will hear her shout and scream..(haha, stress) during the revision. So this time around I've decided to take over that role. Anyway, wifey was occupied with her ill cousin that I had to step in anyway. 
It was supposed to be only during the exam week but the haze messed the arrangement. In the end they had to take exams for both sekolah kebangsaan and sekolah agama in the same week. Usually it will be one week after another.
Kids will be kids. Their ability to absorb and handle everything at the same time is better than adults. So we proceed for the 2 weeks full revision with me mentoring. It had been quite sometime since i last did this. I have always enjoyed teaching and i will have my own unique technique. When i got angy then i realized, ooo patut pun wifey stress haha Anyway, with rotan on one hand it did help as the children were always more afraid of me because of my action first talk later. Haha Managed to discipline them for that 2 weeks with the worksheets I've asked them to do. We went over it after and Insha Allah, i guess the children somehow appreciate it. As by the 2nd week they were ready asking what they were supposed to do on that day. 
I guess its not easy for the teachers in school to handle these kids. Especially if the kids had varying abilities. 40 students in 1 class can be too much for the teacher to really concentrate on everybody. However, i do believe that a good teacher would try his or her best to sort the kids to the best of their ability. Indeed a very noble profession. 
This week we are waiting for their results, I must say Qaisya's has been encouraging as how she has been. For Qayyum, i do hope that there will be some improvement to his grades as the mid year exams showed us how bad his understanding was with what is being taught ( or was it even done?). Insha Allah, the super drilling i gave them last week would help and i guess towards his UPSR or whatever they may call it then. 

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