Saturday, October 31, 2015

To live and to die

It has indeed been a busy week at work for me. It was also a crucial week for a close friend as the the diagnosis was confirmed. The big C. The unwanted C. The vicious C. When it smacks at somebody close to you, one would realize how fragile one is in knowing what the future holds. It is never ours to know or predict and the acceptance of such qada and qadar can be easy to be uttered, yet hard to be realized. 
It is common to hear sermons demanding to make death as one's ultimate motivation. It is the best motivation but in the midst of our daily lives sometimes it becomes the thing one wants to avoid to hear. Having a young family, young children with life thought to be ready full ahead is disrupted. Insha Allah, it is a blessing. The chance of actually knowing one's life expectancy. You and me, we will never know when it can be. As for me, perhaps after blogging this entry, i might just slip and have hard fall causing a massive intracranial bleed which can take my life instantly. That is much scarier to think about. Life is just to short to not be satisfied with. Carpe Diem.
Insha Allah, i pray to god for what is best. Of course, despite being at Stage IV it does not mean one should just let it be. A certain effort is needed to not cheat death but to realize how powerful Allah's will is.

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