Thursday, April 11, 2019

4th mission Cambodia Part 2

The usual routine of our project after the surgery was to go into deeper areas to offer khatan. This time around Syariz chose a different province, 4 hours from Phnom Penh - next to Kampung Cham province; Thom in Chetil & one other place (haha i cannot remember the name as i write this). Its always a humble experience to go to these kampongs; it reminds one of the simple life one leads. The priorities are different with different goals. It is such a reminder of one to be humbled and of course syukur to what Allah has provide. It is a reminder to myself especially and being aware of who I am, where I go and what I do. May Allah see this as my deeds insha Allah.
As usual, my role will be the person who anaesthetize these kids; in short, the pain they have to go through is with me and Azmil! haha But I've refined my technique by applying local anaesthetic gel before poking them. I find that it reduces anxiety and a whole lot better experience for them. We do get the typical boys who would try to resist and escape from the process! 
That is part and parcel and a true reflection of our society at large. Some may face their challenge, some may dodge and some avoid altogether. Its a one of a kind experience and with the last few projects, all different experience. Alhamdulillah :) Would I do it again? Of course :) Some might vest in negativities for this; only those who wants to do it, will do it. The joy one cannot describe the peacefulness of mind. 

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