Friday, April 26, 2019

Avengers endgame finale

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The finale of all finales! Avengers Endgame :) I watched it last night courtesy of GBS Iskandar. Its good they have this movie night outs. The first was Captain Marvel last month - and now the epic ending of the MCU saga.
Will i write spoilers for this? Hmm.. i dont think it matters in blogosphere because its not as widespread as fb or twitter. Blogs do not hold any impact as in the 2000s. It serves more of as a personal journal and i don't mind that:) In fact, happy to know that this will stay forever and be referred as per wanted.
The first hour was a bit draggy. Lots of emotions being put into the scenes. Hardcore fans would not mind, the wannabees may be bored with the melancholic story board post Thanos finger snap. When Captain Marvel appeared, Thanos was killed immediately! Haha gile anti-climax! I was laughing because everybody knows that was the point of the story but was ended so swift and easy beginning of the 3hour movie! 
But what came next was wonderful. Multiple peaks into the past of Marvel universe and i enjoyed every bit. Its about quantum physics, wormholes etc.. Tony Stark as usual the genius fella that in the end saved the day! Go team ironman!! :) 
Thor was the anti-hero of the day! haha Boroi is the trend :))) 

"Whatever it takes.."

"I love you 3000 times"

"Part of the journey is the end.."

Goodbye Thanos, Ironman, Black Widow.. huhu 

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