Sunday, May 24, 2009

Accidental run

We were in One Utama early this morning. Wifey initially planned to buy few IT stuff before lunch at Taman Tun. To my surprise , there was an event happening at the new wing lobby. It was a promotional stunt for the incoming KL marathon late June ; a 24 hours threadmill challenge ! I would have planned it with my group of friends if i had known it earlier ! It was the first of its kind in Malaysia and participants are encouraged to join in their bid to be in the Malaysia Book of Records !

Each participant was required to walk or run ; at a minimum speed of 5km/h ( which is truly walking phase) or run as much or as fast as they can for 5 minutes ! Easy isn't it ? Well , i queued up and had m fair share of a 5 minute run ! And walah... a certificate to prove my participation!! Hahaha not bad ah for an easy going sunday morning ! but 5 minutes was too short as i became a bit carried away while running on the threadmill!

We were supposed to buy a lot of things but it was halted by the typical sibling rivalry scenario ! Wifey thought of renting the small cute mini car stroller will make both the kids happy.. Unfortunately , both Qaisya and Dzaeff fought against each other for a ride ! Wifey thought one of them would settle down to be on the back seat but boy.. was she wrong ! Both of them cried and hackled each other to be in the driving seat ! hahahaha.. She spent most of the time trying to moderate but of course, it runs in the blood. None of them would settle for the second best ! hhahahahaha
P/S Somehow , the Dzaeff vs Qaisya episode reminded me of the MBvsMB tussle in Perak... :)

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