Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Burn out

Nowadays its a bit difficult for me to sit down and blog. Our hectic schedule and taking care of the kids had filled our time to the max. Being independent is a challenge and I must "tabik spring" my wife for her superhuman effort. She will be defending her ever dreaded thesis mid May as the last hurdle to pass before she can call herself a qualified Radiologist. Imagine , having 3 kids in the 4.5 years of postgraduate studies is no joke and alhamdulillah she has coped well so far. There were few moments when the bubble burst but somehow the patchwork worked remarkably. I suppose the motivation sped on upon looking the 3 wonderful kids that we have.
Since moving to BJ , I'm more close to my 2 kids. Wifey is taking 100% care of the youngest so its up to me to handle Dzaeff and Qaisya. I'm a beeter father now ; feeding , playing and putting them under.. ( to sleep lah !) I;ve learnt more about them and i guess they know me better now. They do inherit a lot of my traits eg my eating habits! Both are chocolate lovers and nothing less ; and of course when the food is black in colour regardless the taste , it is not our favourite !! Hahahaha
Dzaeff is not a big problem as he is soft hearted , he won't be disobedient for long as he will succumb in the end. Dzaeff can be sleazy and manipulative at times and that is why we call him the politician.Qaisya is different. She has temperaent and can be really really stubborn at times. That would be wifey's fault because this is definitely her trait !! HAHAHAHA However she can be really sweet at times and i've grown to miss her more nowadays. I must confess I was not keen to have daugthers and preferred sons. Now i know why there's always the daddy's girl tag! Qaisya comes to me when she is unhappy and that make me melt. She would really show her dissatisfaction or negative standings ; she's not afraid of wifey and with me..she knew she cannot mess around.
For all this , I must thank Allah for giving me the happiness that I have now. Alhamdulillah.

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