Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congrats to the victors !

The Masters of Anaesthesia results were out today. Congratulations to my seniors who passed their part 2 and now certified Anaesthesia specialists !!! Tahniah !! Sepcial mention congrats to Shah ( a fellow anaesthetist blogger) as well! Continue blogging bro ; you are a specialist now !! Of course , to my Part 1 colleagues ; congratulations for passing and I know the burden is off !! Alhamdulillah...
And now.. it'll be my driving seat soon. In a year's time it will be my turn and watching them waiting for the results sent shivers to my spine !! Goosebumps all over.. takut seehh... kena start study nih.. hmm.. esok la.. hahahaha

And today.. was the RAMPASAN KUASA DAY !!! Behold and beware..
We are the final years now.. hahahaha

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~mikahana~ said...

I still think it's Grey's Anatomy... LOL..