Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day blog

I would like to wish all fathers , a very father's day !
Fathers are traditionally not celebrated as mothers do ; something which is changing with the shift of role and responsibility nowadays. I am a dad myself and honestly, I was never ready to hold such big responsibility. One learns as one moves on with life; one of the realizations of conscience.

With wifey's bad obstetric history, I never imagined being in my position right now. Three kids who are 2 years apart in between! All growing up so fast within a flash. Seeing them develop and acquire new skills is a pleasure and not to be missed. You can see how much of you and wifey's trait in them be it directly or not!I never fail to laugh and smile seeing them with their antiques!
At the same time , it is a bit scary to think that they will become teenagers and adults soon; getting into trouble and dealing with their decisions. My experience tells me that their life will be colourful and plentiful as well !! Hahahaha bahaya ni.
Will i be a supportive and responsible dad? Huhuhu... Insya Allah...

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