Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preparing for busy days ahead..

I'm currently in the midst of preparing my oral presentation for our biannual ASEAN Anaesthesia Congress in KK this July. Completing the study was a relief and preparing a presentation to defend my findings is no joke ! I am lucky that my supervisor , Prof Lucy is very supportive and I've been seeing her very often these days !She is very thorough and in a way it was fun going through my data and facts with her !! Hahahaha There are countless versions of my presentations as I need to make major changes after seeing her every week! However I don't mind at all because I know that we are doing this so that my presentation would be perfect..( heheh as much as how I want it to be). It is of great honour to be chosen and in contention for the Young Investigator's Award. It has been quite some time since my last involvement in an academic challenge. I have this knack to present and enjoy doing it at the same time !!

I am in a bit of rush because I will be going to Lingga Island, Riau Indonesia with the USM oralmaxillofacial team end of this month. I felt honoured to be invited by the faculty to be ap art of the team who will be doing cleft lip and palate repair surgeries for the under priviliged in Riau. It will be an eye opener and interesting trip as how I enjoyed my Palembang visit last year! The trip will be cooler this year as the bulk of the trip would be on ferry to the Riau archiplego! I can't wait for the trip really.. of course a lot of stories and tales to share !
The only drawback is I will not be completing my first ever 42km marathon ! Although I've registered ; I reckon that the Indonesia trip is something I should not miss. The current event will only encourage me to do the Singapore marathon in December.. hehehe ada berani ??

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Azad said...

You should have an SLR to capture all those nice sceneries and moments [heheh, kasi racun sikit] :)

All the best in your presentation.