Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting nearer to the bridge

Which bridge ? Nope ..not the crooked one I assure you!
Judgement day is getting nearer you see.. my finals which is in May next year. Time flew really fast and not knowing it, I'm in my final year now. Only 1 more year of training to go. The past 3 years passed me without halt. I can't imagine myself being the senior most trainee in my current institution ; i guess i am now the person i looked up to during my early years in the programme. I am a bit anxious but at the same time thankful as the journey I embarked is not something that I regret at all. I've been enjoying it in a way ; taking one step at a time.
Its every medical students priority to straight jump into specialty once the housemanship training was over.Its not as easy or idealistic as how we imagine it .. or perhaps plan it to be! For instance nyself , I was inclined into Paediatrics that i had my try in the Part 1 MRCPCH! My initial plan in joining anaesthesia was to develop the acute care skills which i thought important as a budding paediatrician then.. Allah was great and somehow i got hooked and Anaesthesia is my life now.
A lot of collateral things happened as well. I've 3 kids now which was a total wonder compared to 4 years ago! That itself changed my perception about responsibilities and I am stil learning to be a good parent if not as how my parents were. At the ame time , I had a quantum leap in terms of healthy living where I am back to who I was once upon a time! That wold explain my blog coverage which when i browsed back seemed to beconquered with my physical activities instead of my anaesthesia !
I can only thank Allah for al his blessings so far and I live as how I want it to be , Insya Allah.. :)

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Azad said...

Continuous muhasabah is very good and should be done always. Start looking at your iman and amal as well and work in improving and upgrading that area.

Life is short... trust me, we will all regret it in the Hereafter if we hadn't improved our iman and amal.

(I'm actually reminding myself with this tazkirah)