Saturday, July 03, 2010

Busy July !!

p/s silap tu.. not Hosp Selayang but UiTM..

I was honoured to be invited as a speaker in a Nursing Conference in KL recently. It was an oppotunity which i thought would come later in life. As you get older, the demand for sharing of experience is unavoidable. I've always enjoyed speaking in public and doing something you enjoy is a plus plus++.
Somehow I'm popular with the nurses( hahaha) and words spread around.I know that the UMMC Sisters recommended my name to their circle for talks and for that I thank you. I've received invitations for future events and I guess Alhamdulillah..
eventhough I;m still a newbie anaesthetist; age should never be the barrier for inferiority. In the doctor's circle, its always the senior people who are expected to share their thoughts in expert's meet. I guess with this, I should aspire more to improve myself and publish; so that when I go around to talk I would be giving evidence from my own study instead of others.
Next weekend I have Prof YK Chan's Acute Care workshop. She has invited me to be one of her
speakers which I am really grateful to accept. Its not easy to be trusted by her and I am happy to join her in her "crusade"!
And of course, my yearly programme with OFMS USM to Indonesia! This year we will be going to Sawahlunto, Sumatera Barat. From the map provided, it looks like one hell of a journey from Padang! I've always enjoyed being part of their team and the experience so far has been priceless! Don't worry, I'm sure to blog about it when we are done..
Busy..busy... July... :)

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