Saturday, July 03, 2010

Trying to sit

Recuperating from the torture last Sunday was slow. The soreness on my leg muscles were bad the day after where it was not easy to get out of bed.. Imagine trying to go down the stairs hahaha Somehow, it was fun!! hahaha Of course it is something that you don't want it to happen again the future :) I only manage to do my recovey run 4 days after; the blisters on my feet were tolerable. The 42k was a good experience; something that I would embed in my mind with my other tough climbs. It'll be one of the chapters of what I'll tell my children and theirs so that they can aspire from that. :) ( of course, kena tambah2 sket la.. hahaha)
We met our Dean last Wednesday. Despite whatever people may say about him, His pep talks are amazing and inspiring! He may have the BIG plans which can be mind boggling but I feel that it is necessary. The challenge for us, as the new kid on the block is to realize it or perhaps in the direction of excellence that he proposed. He walks the talk therefore somebody that should be taken as an example. Of course, i take some might take him as thier role model but i figure what is good is good and should be embraced. Juggling our lives as a clinician and academician can be difficult; it depends on one's priority. What more to elevate to World class standard. I guess being a teacher is in the blood hence the "i dont see it as a problem" attitude. But then again, I amy still be naive and idealistic at this moment. The only thing to do now is just to prove that everything is possible :)

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