Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can you speak up please?

I took my IELTS Listening, Reading and Writing components yesterday and tomorrow I will have my short interview for my speaking component in KL. I took the exam in 2006 before joining the Masters programme as a pre-requisite.At that time i just took it without any practice. Unfortunately it is valid for only two years and i have to renew my so called "standards".
This time around there is a bit of pressure as i have to obtain a band score of 7 in all components. I managed to do so the last time around with zero practice and hopefully this time around should not be a problem. But then.. hahaha nanti kena resit baru tau.. ahahaha
I did feel that bit of pressure especially during the start of the essay paper.. ingatkan dah tera nak amik exam2 ni.. still i was obviously startled :) The funny thing about the essay was i am so used to the "keyboard" blogging style that i kept writing and then erasing before writing again. With the keyboards you just press backspace isn't it? hhahaha
Well.. another clue of what my future plan will be? TUUNGGGUUU..

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Tabibbatunhawa said...

hadoi..we have to retake ke IELTS? Masa in pre-u,kami dah buat IELTS..

lain-lain tara masalah..just writing essays aje..same like you..i got 5.5band which is BAD. My lecturer even told me beforehand that i have to change my handwriting and make it CLEAR...