Sunday, April 17, 2011

Floating like a butterfly

It was my dean's vision : to have his staff "floating" around the world in between airports, catching one conference after another to present our latest findings. Our presence in the faculty was only for necessary obligations with students & juniors wanting to follow our footsteps towards academic glory. Waa... macam real..
Well, i had a go at this last month and indeed March was such a busy month for me. Juggling teaching, clinical work, oncall with conferences week after week is not an easy job i must say! I had a preview of this "vision" but at local-regional level. Still young to establish myself internationally.. hahaha but Insya Allah.

Basic Life Support Ultrasound Course W
It started off with me attending a 2 day course in basic critical care ultrasound organized by WINFOCUS Malaysia. It was an important event because of the increasing usage of ultrasound in my daily clinical practice. Being oncall is tough especially making important decisions and ultrasound imaging is helpful to assist me in that. I was a participant in this course and glad that i went for it!

AMEA Medical Education COnference IMU

I was then in my Alma Matter; IMU for Asian Medical Education Conference. I was slotted in the IMU Rhimes rejected Awards oral presentation session ( it was too good to be true if it was selected!). It was good to be back in Bukit Jalil and I am certainly impressed with the current infrastructure that they have. The facelift was done well that I was then proud to tell Hady and Suraya this was the place i was from :) A lot have changed and meeting back Mei Ling ( The Pro-Vost) was good:0 She was enthrilled to see her alumni there. She remembered me for my involvement in students activities then.Of course, i can never answer when she asked, " Why UiTM not IMU ?" hahaha.. maybe later eih?

sapa tu?

President and Provost of IMU.
Presenting my idea on simulation emergency training for medical students was an experience because i had international fellow presenters in my session. Honestly, i did not expect the conference to attract such interest from the medical educationist fraternity around the world! I had butterflies in my stomach before my presentation! hahaha and was glad when it was over!
Another thing which i did not expect was when i saw myself in the Alumni shout-out board in IMU's lobby. Wow.. hahahaha I knew about the exact presentation in the website but i did not expect to see myself there.. malu jugak hehehe

Acute Care Workshop MSQH

Prof YK Chan was given the honour by MSQH to run this workshop in HKL and i must thank her for including me in her team. I've been involved with her interest for the past few years and getting her recognition to give a talk and as a fascilitator is such a priviledge. Its not easy to be recognized by Professors and i guess meritocracy did pave the way. I gave a talk on "Transport of The Critically Ill" and it was well received.

3rd World Congress of TIVA/TCI, Singapore

My poster was accepted for this Congress and it was an opportunity that i could not resist. This was my first participation in World level conference. I was nervous to present the poster as i knew it did not have enough merit to compete amongst the best. The experience was overwhelming and something for me to have at the back of my mind the next time we are to present in ternationally.

It was an overwhelming experience being side by side with the world renowned anaesthetists who methods i use in my daily practice. Remifentanil-MINTO? Propofol-SHNIDER? It was cool to have a picture with them:)

Minto & Shnider

April will be the MSA ASM ; and being in the fascilitators' team for our advanced regional workshop will be a first for me.
I have a lot of invites to talk in the coming months... hmmm.. truly academic am i? siapa sangka...

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