Friday, July 22, 2011

Phuket trip

The Phuket trip was a gamble. It was our first time travelling , our means wifey me and the kids without extra help! And this was going overseas as well:) We have been postponing our holiday for quite sometime and despite Qayyim still being 5 months old.. Hantam sajalah!
We started really early, having to wake up kids at 3+am is not easy with 4am being the time as we departed from Bukit Jelutong for LCCT!
Phuket was fun and everybody enjoyed their time. Luckily I took wifey's advice to go for the island trips as it was worth it and the children love it! James BOnd Island trip and Phi Phi Island trip was excellent and if I had known this earlier, we would have done it!

jalan-jalan Viewing Point Phuket

kenalah naik gajah..wajib:)

kids and me on our way to James Bond.. free flow Coke:)

Dzaeff konon2 kayak..

blazing hot on the ferry

Phi-Phi entrance

It was enjoyable and we certainly would like to do this again!


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