Saturday, July 23, 2011

Round 1.. kena 3-5

It was the game all Malaysians were waiting for. World Cup 2014 qualifying 2nd round against Singapore. Malaysia vs Singapore- long time arch rivals and nemesis. Of course, Singapore just had to play everything to their advantage, artificial turf with only 6000 seat capacity when Kallang can accommodate 10 times that number. Having naturalised (foreigners who gained Singapore passport through their sports "development" programme) players in their team is a short term tactic to reach glory but at what cause? Well, I don't know. I wont be proud claiming a mixture of nationals as my national team.

Well, we lost 5-3 but not after a good fight back. we were down to 4-1 at one stage and any Malaysia team of the past would have given up just like that. But not this batch.. we fought hard and we closed the gap. Our defensive mistakes again cost us the game. We need to buck up!

Against Arsenal or Chelsea, bolehla nak kata we fought hard but now it is just Singapore.. we just cannot repeat those stupid mistakes again.

However, as any other Malaysians.. I am optimistic that we can get something in the deciding match in Bukit Jalil on Thursday. I will be there to witness history!


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