Saturday, July 23, 2011

When Liverpool came to town

YNWA... Walk on...walk on...
mana boleh Liverpool in town and me not watching it? Well, when i was a bit sick I was not in the right frame of mind to book the tickets. Once I''m well, wah! an opportunity not to be wasted just like that. I was in Bukit Jalil during the training as well. TO my surprise, Liverpool supporters came in numbers with 35K at least in the stadium. It was crazy traffic outside!
On the game day, Azam was with me and Qayyum. We were lucky that our tickets were numbered seats and it was for the Standard Chartered customers! Seating was not an issue and we had one of the best views in the stadium!
Harimau Malaya will always be the team that i support and it was great to see the goals scored by Safiq and Safee. Our defence made quite silly mistakes and it was immediately punished by the opportunist Liverpool strikers. Otherwise, i would prefer Fadzli and Muslim to play in the heart of defence rather than Zaquan who i thought was not effective.
6-3 was the scoreline but it did not reflect the game. 4-3 was fair but it was so typical of us to let the goals in during injury time. Anyway.. KUDOS Malaysia !!!

training.. thanx to Yati Jai's ipad2

PakLong with Qayyum nak air

full house!! no doubt..

qayyum peluh2

we were behind the legendary banner

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