Thursday, December 01, 2011

Northern Terminus Bibbulman Track

 The Bibbulman Track is the longest bushwalking track transversing Western Australia. The total length is 1000 km from Kalamunda to Albany. If you take te whole track, it would be 7-8 weeks trip which is the dream for any bushwalker.
I am not sure whether I can achieve this during my short stay in Aussie so I decided to at least do a bit of it on a hot Wednesday which i later sort of regretted! The bus trip to Kalamunda was about an hour away from Perth CBD. It was not difficult to find the starting point as it was pointed out clearly on any WA map. However, one needs to buy the proper track from the authorities and after going through a bit of its bush track.. I understood why :)
 It was a really hot day and I was drained without realizing it. The track may have its marker but it was confusing. I got lost twice but somehow managed to get my way back to the right track. Doing a solo bushwalking in this track can be scary as obviously one needs companion when talking about safety. It maybe the bush but my, you can go off track easily!
 I had a nice 3 hour walk and enjoyed it very much. I am really keen to do a proper bush walk with camping in between towns to complete the full experience :)

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