Thursday, December 29, 2011

Together for two weeks

The meaning of being lonely transpires when you're reminded of what you have and how fast you can lose it.That makes you appreciate it more and I'm glad I have my family!
It was a relief, having wifey & kids with me in Perth. Wifey needed the break after her struggles of handling life with the kids without me back home. I never realized how it was as important to me until they arrived. I picked them up at the airport that morning, and seeing my children ran to me, calling my name certainly put tears in any parent's eyes.
It was certainly a hectic 15 days programme as I try as much bring them around Perth and ensure all of them having the fun of their life! Its quite interesting that i managed to bring all of them to the attractions on Public transport! (only to the south west i had to rent the MPV).
And to send them back on christmas eve was something hard for me.Seeing Dzareif with his antiques, Qaisya growing and becoming confident, Marissa as ever obedient an Qayyum a big boy now; something i replay everyday in mind.
                                                                    Dunsborough beach
 Busselton jetty
 in their happy room upstairs in the resort
 Perth from Kings Park
 War memorial, Kings Park
 Perth zoo
 8 year old Wombat
 Qaisya the brave one

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