Friday, December 30, 2011

Thinking Cap on for 2012

 It was my last night duty in RPH for 2011. I am glad that so far my night calls has been as cool as how it was when I was back home. Occasionally I'll get the really bad ones; standardlah but I have this trend that whenever I'm on it cools down a lot as compared to the ones before or after me. Myabe I have some sort of HALO around me.. hahaha But whatever pun,its always syukur for me that things do go OK during my stint so far.
I reckon this is my first picture with scrubs on this blog. Yup RPH scrubs! I guess the limitation so far (till 1 week ago) was the inavaibility of a camera phone that i can whore it about. Dah dapat iphone ni habisla! haha
My DA pager rang a few times but it was only info to tell things are OK in ED which did not require my direct attention. It is due to this reason that i get into wake-sleep vicious cycle that impairs your concious level the next day post call! I did get a distress call from my registrar regarding a patient who was on code blue at 6am but she managed it very well and I am impressed with her! I'm sure she will be an excellent anaesthetist when she qualifies as one:)

I've been disturbed these few days on the latest issues concerning about remuneration and career advancement back home.(SBPA shit) Somehow it is really bugging me in the sense of what direction should i charter for my future? Well, the true fact will be the future for my children. it is very disheartening to know how slack the higher authorities can be when it touches medical health carer matters. Honestly, I really want to contribute to my future generation of health carers and I have lots of things that i want to do when i get back. But at the same time, there is this urge to go global and seize the opportunity mode which is not helped by the encouragement of my seniors here. They know what they are talking about and the recent admission of a dear senior (mind you he was the top Masters anaesthetic candidate) for a fellowship here stirred my loyalty to UiTM.
I reckon it is good that we come to this cross road and any decisions from here would of be the one would chart the next phase of our lives.It is a tough choice and decision to make; especially when you thought you were sorted. It surprised me that when i thought i am there, suddenly there are alternative pathways that i can choose from but of course with its positives and negatives.
Well.. 2012.. welcome.. and I will always cherish 2011 as the year where things opened up and I'm sure had made me wiser ( in a way or another)!

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