Saturday, August 04, 2012

ALS Instructorship

 I am fortunate because I've managed to qualify myself into the ALS Instructor's programme while I'm here.Its all because of my stint in Simulation which I've never thought about it ever; but on opportunity that i grasp while I'm here.It was only during the course that they revealed we were chosen based on our standing in the top 10% of our class in the Provider course. I've always wanted to be certified as an Instructor for Life Support  however back home, there is no proper body which could give me that recognition. Being an anaesthetist was a direct ticket to declare oneself to be one or so called expert in resuscitation! haha I suppose its our breed who would lead such scenarios when called upon.
The 2 day course was EXCELLENT! The small pocket guide book that ARC provided as background reading was simply an eye opener! It was the first time im properly introduced to medical teaching, the concept and application of adult learning:) I did not expect to learn as much as i did in the past 2 days! Working memory- set,dialogue,closure was an interesting concept which I am sure that i will use for the rest of my teaching career. I am impressed with the effort and the standard they keep and being certified as a provider as well as an Instructor is definitely an honour for me:) 
Apparently, the Malaysia Resus Council is at its infancy state. There was never a standardized guide on the Malaysian way of life support or training; especially for trainers. It has always been hospital based and never nationwide. I aim to create a super standard in the ALS teaching for Malaysia Insya Allah.. It will be interesting to try to make myself a part of the main core group.. budak hingusan la katakan:)

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