Sunday, August 19, 2012

Syawal in Perth 1433

 Alhamdulillah, my greatest Syukur to the Almighty for his blessings to be able to reach 1433 Syawal. I am delighted to have completed my Ramadhan here in Perth which would be perhaps the last as well.
I certainly am donning lots of hats atthe moment and of course, a whole new chapter of what Carpe Diem should be done :)

My first challenge for Syawal was to be on the console station for Radio Melayu Perth. My DJ colleagues went back to Malaysia & SIngapore for raya and i am the one which was given the  responsibility to run the special 90 minutes programme. Managed to breeze through it with Izhar and Syafiq who did their best to make sure everything went on perfectly! Ustaz Mat Jais Kamus was our guest for the night and i certainly learnt something new.. in celebrating Eid..
"Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum" and that is sunnah :)

 I followed Adly to Ar-Rukun mosque in Rockingham. One of the mosque where the initial Malay community initiated the project. Rockingham is also where a big number of Malays in Aussie are residing thus the majority bulk of the jemaah. I can confirm that the takbir was the "mendayu-dayu" Malay style.. and the sermon was given on its second half in Malay:) Cool for the effort to maintain the Malay identity with this mosque. Post prayers, the jemaah would stay back for a bit to greet and meet each other; tasting each others potluck food brought for share. It was interesting to see the different generations ; just like back home but of course with a different national identity.

                                               the imam reminded me of Tok Cik Parit Setongkat
                                                   big bro - Top Guy - Adly :)
 I joined Dr Nik & Imran, who are on a special mission from the Humanities Department USM for a raya trip to meet the Malay elders of Perth. We went to Haji Khalid's place who was certainly an enthusiastic chap! He has his tales and his popularity with visitors ( a whole bus actually came.. haha) would pin point us to his significance in the community.
We did made visits to Haji Shamsudin, another figure and also to Mak Limah's place; the gold mine resource for information. One thing i gathered from the visits today,the spirit of Syawal is certainly very lively amongst the Malays here- especially seeing the 2nd and 3rd generation making their effort with their family members to do their rounds; introducing their young to the elders on Syawal. It certainly brought a lot of memories to me on the Raya celebrations when I was younger. The fun of Raya was relived!

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