Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ramadhan quest

Its the 19th night of Ramadhan. Tomorrow the quest for the one night which is better than a thousand nights will begin. Vividly i remembered how last year's ramadhan changed me on my own outlook of life. Alhamdulillah, I am glad for what Allah has given me so far. A year has passed since I came to Perth and i am really thankful for all his blessing and rezeki that he has given me.
I've just started my term as the regional anaesthesia fellow. It is interesting times in Royal Perth as the presence of Prof Krishna Boddu is promising with all his plans. He was the Director of Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship in Univ of Houston, Texas and I am thankful I was chosen to be one of the fellows this term. Another 6 months here which was never in my initial plan but I am sure will have its benefit for the future.
As usual, I am not a person who would keep still and do nothing. I will make myself busy - mencari masalah but that is what i do best!
                                            Post iftar & tarawikh in Curtin Univ.. Armadale line..
I am now certified by World Radio 6EBA FM to be a fully trained DJ! I can now control the console and produce my own shows. I am glad i did this in my free time as I've never thought I'd have the chance to do this. I have always inclined to have a go at being a DJ on air.. and Alhamdulillah.. ada qualification and training lagi! hahaha

And insya Allah, i should be doing my first marathon 42.2km overseas in the Surf to City run end of this month! I may have not trained to achieve my personal best but I aim to finish my full marathon after 2 years of absence! My fitness training with the bike has at least made me much fitter than i was in KL then. I just need to make sure that i can last the race and eventhough its ramadhan, i do try to fit in my runs before iftar on my off days.
Perrghh... ni la jenis manusia yang memang takde masalah, cari masalah.. but then again, it is so me.. and I can't change who I am :)

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Anonymous said...

lamaaaa xsinggah bloq ni rupanya dah migrate ke Ostolia.Tahniah.n dah jd celebreti.sure ramai peminat yang ter'bius' pasni.hiks

selamat berpuasa dan mencari Lailatulqadar