Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gaza Mission Chronicles: The other teams.. Praying the best for them to Gaza

It has been almost 2 weeks since i came back. The withdrawal feeling is there, so near yet so far. Of course i do feel dissapointed with our mission not fully accomplished. Its a kind of feeling in malay we say "terkilan". However, it is because of our faith and belief that we resort to redha.. a feeling of giving yourself to god as he knows bad, the planner the almighty. As much as team I-Medik wanted to enter Gaza, it was not meant to be this time around. I do appreciate the new friendships i have made. Patience is definitely the word to ponder and really dwell into deeply. 
Today, quite a number of my friends are on their way to Egypt with the ultimate attempt route through Rafah to Gaza. It is a respectful deed by my colleagues and I am really proud of them. To know that the group of friends that you grew up with, be it university or during our trainingship days, it is such a special thought to know that in a way we have a common zest and aspirations. Dato Azeez of KP1M is the team leader, bringing with him an entourage with 40 tonne metric of help and goods for the Gazans. Despite what people may think and say, they are trying their best to show how helpful we Malaysians are.
Zaqrul, Syariz, Nawar, Izzat and Jaseem are with the Kp1M team. Zaqrul (Paediatrician), Syariz (Paediatric Surgeon), Nawar ( Orthopods), Izzat (ED physician) and Dato Jaseem (senior anaesthetist and the person i locum for in DEMC haha)  I am proud of them and their enthusiasm. In fact, I do have stories with each of them; working together in multiple scenarios which had made us who we are today. It can be funny, scary yet entertaining and perhaps the stories that i can write for people to know what we felt when we had the crisis on our hands. There were a few others who initially registered but due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to withdraw. It is not easy making decisions such as this and i do truly understand.
 Pak Ngah and Dr Zol is in the Mercy Malaysia team. Very low profile i must say because there was no media frenzy as the one in KLIA tonight. A team being assembled by Pak Azam, the ever strong man of Mercy Malaysia. Pak Ngah is a neurosurgeon in HUKM and used to be my BUX batch mate and uni mate. Dr Zol is a fellow anaesthetist, well i should say a senior anaesthetist in Sg Petani who had produced a number of excellent MOs that went on to be a Super Specialist.
Seeing them rekindled my experience the other day. My du'a for the teams to be able to enter gaza and do what we all wanted to do from the start. Insha allah.

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