Monday, August 04, 2014

Gaza Mission Chronicles 7: Mission postponed not cancelled

It was with a heavy heart when the team decided to postpone our attempts to enter Gaza. It is almost impossible and Aman Palestin had used all their resources to get us in. Despite having 18 missions into Gaza previously, this thime around the ball has changed courts and I guess it is unrealistic to keep on hoping. The situation between Israel and Hamas is not improving, the bombardment has if not intensified and the killing is nearing 2000. I am sure it would surpass that number within this week. The inhumane attack on civilians is almost unheard off in this centruy but nobody can stop Israel to continue their genocide agenda. 
I was really optimistic on our last attempt, that we would be celebrating Aidilfitri in Gaza. It was not meant to be. It is ironic that the person who signed our letter to enter Gaza from Egypt was the authority reinforming us we cannot enter Gaza. It is frustrating, it is dissappointing.How can one not be when we were so hyped up to be involved in a crisis where the world is just watching cruelty happening again and again.
Ustaz Anas and Kamarul decided to stay for another few days, looking for thst window that they be able to enter Gaza. The rest decided to leave for home, but with a strong resolution that we would be coming back to fulfill our promise to Gazans. It was not an easy decision but i guess sometimes we have to be practical. Besides that, the 14 day on arrival visa is due and to avoid overstay, we need to get out ofthe country anyway.
We left Cairo last Thursday 31 July 2014 with a heavy heart. I was sad but at the same time more determined. The Palestine conflict is not an easy one. What is happening at the moment is a backlash of an unresovled conflict which was denied its solution for decades.. since 1948. And when the bubble burst, the destruction that the whole world is seeing now is not a surprise. 
Insha Allah, Allah has promised victory to us all. we just need to keep our faith and be patient.

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