Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#Diagnosis2 in the oven

When the book #diagnosis was launched recently, I was happy for team that produced it. It was something i wished i had enough resources to do when i was at their age. Certainly one o the reasons why i started blogging then when it was a worldwide trend.
Hence when the team leader, anwar @dranwarfazal approached me asking whether i was interested to join them in the sequel for #diagnosis, I was overwhelmed! It was a week before i left for Kilimanjaro.
It was indeed an honour to join the team, Anwar, Aizzat and Azah! I would have never imagined being given the opportunity to join writing mainstream. #Diagnosis success is only growing at the moment. The true stories of what we doctors go through is being presented in a manner which is appealing to the masses. It was a reunion when i was told that Dr Ben ( Dr Frappucino- to those oldskool bloggers, you will remember him!) will be in the team as well.
Of course i do have my stories to share but i do hope that it is interesting enough for readers to understand what we goes through in our mind while doing our jobs. It'll be a compilation of stories based on true story but of course, spices of fiction here and there.It is good to know that despite my blog which did not really made it into the big scene, at least i did have a number of loyal readers! Thanks guys for reading my entries.. haha
We had a fruitful meet up last weekend and it was certainly overwhelming! I put my hats off to the team and listening to Anwar's vision is refreshing. The ideas and of course the future of all these concerted efforts we are engaging!
Insha Allah my friends.. My enthusiasm is at its optimum! Certainly a project that i really look forward to as it fulfills both my passion and mission.

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