Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kilimanjaro Part 2: Nairobi-Moshi

We arrived in Nairobi after an afternoon flight from Abu Dhabi. Honestly, i did not read anything much about Kenya. It'll be that common ignorant knowledge that we have about Africa that would define Kenya. The flight was 6 hours and i had enough time to watch 2 movies haha 
Jambo! Hello in Swahili!
The Jomo Kenyatta airport was not big but it was undergoing renovation to become a bigger one. Kenya has always been the favourite African spot for the British - having it as its colony sometime ago. Perhaps the influence of the British Empire lives in these 2 countries, Kenya and Tanzania just as how our country Malaysia is- Commonwealth banner.
 Enock, our guide waited for us at the airport to pick us up! This was my first time in Africa and of course it is different! I did not know what to expect but my first impression of their services at the immigration and airport was impressive! We were not taunt when we reached outside, a sign of the state of the country. Enock then brought us to our place of stay for the night which is at the outskirts of Nairobi. We witnessed the slump areas of Kenya and it is such a wonder to be born and bred in Malaysia.
It was nearly dark when we arrived, therefore limiting my possibility of going around the small town.Interestingly enough it was a muslim town as we could hear azan at dawn and dusk! The hotel that we were served halal food too.However, we were adviced to be careful if we want to go wandering around at night; thus why bother? Rest was more important as we will begin our mission to reach the roof of Africa soon enough.Interestingly, i thought it was a bummer when in our accommodation there was no airconditioner!! But i realized the people around the area wore jackets. Only later that i realize Nairobi is at least 1800m above sea level making the weather cooling and nice! No wonder the British were keen on Kenya as the weather is just perfect!

It was a wise choice to fly to Nairobi eventhough there is a direct flight to Tanzania. We were able to cross other countries and save money as well. The journey from Nairobi to Moshi- base town of Kilimanjaro took us 7 hours! Yup...that long to drive across Kenya to Tanzania! It was interesting landscape though.. to see Africa at its best being close enough to the equator. A lot of Kenyans were seen walking around..seriously.. you seethem walk everywhere! No wonder Kenya produce lots of long distance athletes! 
We arrived in Moshi near to late evening. Everybody was excited about upcoming trip coming morning. We stayed in a cozy hotel near the town and of course it was near enough to walk to.. near to Tanzanian standards lah.. haha it took us 15 minutes to arrive at the town centre as few of us were looking for souvenirs and Sim cards that should work during trekking. Abang Ayob was frustrated because he bought one during our lunch stop but at the moment the Sim card seemed to not work! hahaha

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