Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kilimanjaro trip part 1: road trip Abu Dhabi-Dubai

I am guilty for not posting this earlier. So many things were happening at the same time thus the tardiness. In fact, i have written at least 5 stories for Diagnosis2 that in a way this blog was neglected hahaha But not to worry, as i attempt to settle my Kili experience in this blog.
The Kilimanjaro trip was a long one - almost 2 weeks away. Hoever, i must say it was a trip where we did everything berbaloi2.. Why? because it had a road trip element, Climbing a mountain nearing 6000m and we ended it with a short African safari! Beat that! it was such a fulfilling trip that i don't think it will be ever possible to repeat it this way haha
We had a good deal with our flight as it was bought during MATTA fair. It costed us RM2500 with a 2 day transit in Abu Dhabi. Honestly, it never crossed my mind we would be doing something unrelated to mountain hiking the first 2 days. But it was worth it!

We arrived in Abu Dhabi after a 6 hours flight from KL. Deeno booked for us a hotel which was in the airport! It was damn convenient because of its location and the free wifi! Honestly in my mind, if we were to travel around by car i would put my hands down as i just wanted to rest at the hotel!
Of course, that idea died when we managed to get 3 cars for our travels. It reminded me a lot of the road trips i did a long time ago!Again, becoming the chief navigator is not an easy job for me. s there were 3 cars in our convoy and the roads can be really confusing in Abu Dhabi! (Well.. Mt Koszi trip tak kira pasal jalan dia straight je.. haha) And off we were in our cars using Waze to travel around. 
Abu Dhabi was hot ..too hot to be outdoors! We visited the Ferrari Park ( kat luar je lah) and went to its city centre. We visited the big Ziyad mosque which i thought was nonsense because the main gallery is not open to public for prayers on normal days!

We were off to Dubai the next day and visiting Al Burj was definitely the first itenerary.The highest building in the world. Dubai is a man made city and it is obvious what the government is trying to create a man made Shangrila. Desert? naah.. they can build big aquariums and have sharks roaming.. too hot? they can create a ski resort for patrons all over the world. And Al Burj itself, whatever is being displayed outside especially the fountains which moves with music is an exact copy of KLCC, but definitely the bigger version and much more grand! 

 It was indeed a short honeymoon as we had food which was certainly indulgence to us! And i guess with a mountain hiking trip lurking, the thought of not taking all that is good in food haunts us...therefore belasah la. hahaha 

And we were off to Nairobi on an afternoon flight. And the real adventure begins..

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