Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Qayyum's chess tourney SKBJ open

Somehow or rather, MDQ1 loves extra co-curricular activities. I would not be surprised as I do know from whom he inherited the trait from. Last night he asked wifey whether he could join the angklung team and as the tigress..  of course no! haha He has been joining lots of activities that we thought we should limit his multi involvement for now .SKBJ is quite famous for her angklung group (got this info last weekend) but on top of what he is involved in now, cukupla dulu!
Last weekend, as one of the 30 elite members of the chess club, he was enrolled in the school's first junior chess tournament. What made the competition impressive was the participation from schools from all around the country, as the event was nationally rated.
 MDQ1 was scheduled to play in the u-12 category as there were only the u-9 and u-12 for the taking. I thought it is good for exposure especially the tournament feel. It is different from the normal social play. Tactics, intimidation, aura.. a lot of external factors that may help with your game. 
What i like about the school's chess club is their commitment; they have a coach on board and he trains them every week. Qayyum knows a number of opening and he is quite good at it, though may not be a champion or winner material at the moment. He is better off than i was at his age, main chess pun belasah je.. tau pun tactic; 4 step checkmate hahaha
Qayyum won 3 out of his 8 games. I had the opportunity to watch him play and honestly, i am amazed with his calmness. He is totally a poker person as if having no emotions. He is brave to play whoever as evident with his first opponent; he was 12 and big sized; totally intimidated if it was me. He played on and scored a win with this guy haha He has a good heart and his determination is strong. He was willing to fight till the end! I appreciated that trait a lot as he was definitely not a quitter. In the game i saw, he lost his queen early but he fought on to redeem his queen! I saw the opponent panicking but becasue qayyum was too relaxed, he made a silly mistake and paid the price! Haha cool job la budak ni..
Insha Allah, he will be joining the national junior chess open in KL during the school holidays. We will see how he will fare insha allah. 

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