Monday, March 23, 2015

Chess NAG 2015 weekend

The commitment by parents is no joke. 3 days of National Age group competition. Dzaeffran participated in the under 10 category. It was the first time for him and for me! Haha This was an opportunity that does not come often. He is fortunate enough to be in the school's elite chess club. SKBJ has a strong tradition in chess and for Dzaeffran to be able to be part of the team is an achievement. 
 In a way, he represented Chess Club of Selangor to go against other participants from around the country. I was never really involve in the chess scene and it was such an eye opener. This competition is definitely for the top chess players in the country! haha i was jittery too as i don't really know how he would fare. Players looked ready to maul their opponents!  As long as tak last.. my motto.. haha
                                          Papa sent him on Saturday.
 The competition was held in Olympic Hotel, right smack in central KL. This used to be the main hotel for our athletes, being in the same vicinity as stadium Merdeka and Negara. Such memories from the past! 
                                          Bosan menunggu haha
Dzaeffran played 8 games and won 4. It was clear where he was in the rankings as i could see the level of his gameplay against his opponents.Still,  I don't think i could do what he did in the 3 days. I could see how he can be really focused and at the same time to cool.. haha What i appreciated most was his perseverence despite being at a disadvantage in the game. Memang never die attitude and he'd fight till the end not giving up. Insha Allah, that will be a good trait for him to have in facing his life in the future. 
Good job my son.. it was such a pleasure to be by your side watching you :) 


Unknown said...

I was there too bro. Tried looking for u, my sons was playing under 10 and 12. All parents are awesome during the tournament. Glad to see that yr kids love to play chess.

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Oh ye ke? cool! I was around on Friday and Sunday.. Saturday my wife took him home after my dad sent him in the morning.