Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Its your place now

Call me sentimental but when i saw my own scrubs with my name embroided on it, I felt good. I felt belonged. Haha Memang jakun nak baju sendiri :) 
March has been a good month as the cases doubled compared to February. Things are getting busier and the cases we are getting is getting more complicated. Maybe not too complicated as other places that i know but enough la. You don't want to be too ambitious that it can cause you more problems than anticipated. Its a mixed feeling honestly, as one would love to just do the simple cases and chill with the remuneration, at the same time missing the intensity of high risk cases. The high risk cases were the main reason why I joined anaesthesia. Its the balance i guess, and perhaps a good mix would fulfill my needs. 
We had our first anniversary Open day recently. KPJ is very good at this, creating events and making the whole staff work as a family. It is very difficult not to like KPJ management with the approach that they make. It was a hot Saturday afternoon but that did not deter us from enjoying the day. 

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