Friday, April 10, 2015

Thalasaemia Run 2015

My knee was getting better and i needed a better motivation to be active again. I am getting back the fat i lost few years back. Luckily there was a bib available for the run organized by UiTM FOM. I was non hesitant to join the 8km run despite not running for the past 2 months!! 
The run was held in kepong which the taman was famous for its evening layang-layang session. The affair was moderate but definitely well organized. The students were enthusiastic organizing this. I saw Adli during parking and he gave me Abid's bib. Apparently Abid had to go for a course in Singapore and i was damn lucky to have it for me to join this run.
The run was not that bad. I followed Adli's pace earlier but only managed to keep up till km 5. He has definitely improved and i guess his preparation for his first ever half which will be in two weeks had been optimal. I was exasperated but tried to maintain my cool keeping behind him haha Imagine not running for 2 months and now you're trying to run all the 8km non stop. Memang tak larat hahaha
I enjoyed the run and was happy that my knee and legs were able to cope. At least i have this trial so that my Putrajaya Duathlon the week after will not be too bad, or so i hope.. 

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