Friday, April 17, 2015

Stay and play

I had fun this week. Not fun "fun" but fun in administrating my anaesthetics. I guess after doing lots of bread and butter cases, you do long for that stress in planning an anaesthetic for your patients. Patients may come with multiple problems and to avoid any further issues, one needs to plan which technique to use. 

Honestly, the anaesthetics is not an issue. Anaesthesia is safe and you can be assured that you are well taken care off. Its the issues that might crop after, as an example: a patient may need to go for a surgery to settle some sepsis source issues but at the same time, just recovered from a bout of pneumonia. Giving GA can be simple but the patient may end up in ICu for post op monitoring and what further happens will be delayed discharge due to more time taken to recuperate. 
I was faced with these patients isssues this past few weeks. Therefore, i do have to resort to techniques which would minimize risk. ie peripheral nerve block and TCI. I had fun with the TCI remifentanil today as it made my nurses go like, " what the heck is my doctor doing?" haha 
Alhamdulillah, what is important of how this knowledge can be put into practice.And it becomes a satisfaction when you have options to decide with when you have to solve the pressing issues. 

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