Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Towards Hajj 2015/1436

Wow.. it has been almost a month since i last blogged. There were so many things that has happened, and I will share with you what has been going on. It has been an interesting period. I have certainly learnt a lot. I find all these insha Allah will contribute to my preparation for Hajj. We continue to learn and it is not easy to purify yourself to god in the coming journey.
 I may not have attended 100% of my Kursus Asa Haji on Sundays, due to work commitments and other stuffs but Alhamdulillah, it was an eye opener. Despite having learnt all of it in school before, it it is not the same. I now understand how life maturity can change a lot of things. The hajj journey is a total body and soul experience. I believe that what is inside is important, and that is the thing you would want god to see; your sincerity and total submission.
 We had our set of practicals in Kelana Jaya, the organizer did it well for us to experience the doings. A mock Kaabah and set up for jamrah was done. I was myself dressed in ihram which i have not don since i was 16 years of age. Waa.. memang terasa dekat betul nak gi haji! There are few more courses to attend, Intensive Course, Grand Course.. Insha Allah, all will be helpful. I just have to find the time to juggle in between my work commitment and attending these. 
Insha Allah.. May Allah easen my journey. It will be in a few months time, and to maintain the intention is a challenge. 

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