Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nepal earthquake mission - Part 4

Ittapole, Sankhu. 15km off Kathmandu. According to Wkipedia, this used to be a famous city as it was a stopping area for the famous Tibet-Kathmandu route. It was apparently the area where the former prime minister of Nepal was from and still the representative.
Sankhu was the off Katrhmandu city which was badly affected. As per NSET assessment, that was Mercy Malaysia's field hospital destination. We were off quite late in the evening. The way there was not straight forward. I was jumping up and down at the back of the lorry during the journey. It was raining that evening, it looked gloomy on our way there. 
We witnessed the destruction of the earthquake as we proceed to Sankhu. The roads were cracked, buildings which became rubbles. It was certainly a different Kathmandu from what i experienced in 2013.The current generation had never felt or experience how an earthquake would be. Imagine, the last one being 80 years ago. 
 The army truck brought us to a school compound, and the school was pink in colour! Most of the villagers who had lost their homes are taking shelter there. Our arrival was received warmly by the displaced villager,  a constant trait of the Nepalis which registered in my mind till now. We were lucky to have the Nepali army guys to help us unload, it was amazingly a lot! We managed to have the lot on the mid ground, and it was drizzling. It was superbly cold by our Malaysian standards. But not surprising, since we were at at least 1400m above sea level. 
 The people were really friendly and it helps when a number of them are able to speak in Malay as they've worked before in the country. We joined their communal dinner, as they made a point to cook for everyone who were taking shelter in the school compound. From what i can remember, at least 15 families. 
It was a cold and wet night. We were given two classrooms to fit the 7 of us. The camp beds were opened and it was more comfy than spending the night on the cement floor. I was lucky i brought my sleeping bag and my jackets. It helped a lot and i was reminded of my dreadful EBC trek trip haha At about 3am, we had an aftershock experience. Everybody was awaken by the movement it made. However according to the 5 second rule we did not need to flee from the classroom! It was amazingly scary and i cannot imagine how one would feel with a bigger magnitude shock. 
The morning was beautiful. I woke up early because the sun rose early. It was beautiful to witness the landscape of outskirts of Kathmandu. Around us were the paddy and wheat fields. We were surrounded by few building which were still standing but a short walk further revealed the utter destruction. The wrath of god. Subhanallah. Malaysia is lucky to be not disaster prone and may Allah not punish us with one in the near future. 


PeRdU cINta said...

Amin..moga dengan perkongsian Dr ini dapat menyedarkan kita agar lebih bersyukur dan menghargai setiap apa yang Allah pinjamkan..

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Insha Allah. Thank you for reading my blog :)