Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#DIAgnosis2 book signing in PABKL (the one i attended)

 #DIAgnosis2 publisher: Whitecoat enterprise did not really have a booth in this Book Fair, mainly because they were only recently formed. The booths are usually sold out, you need to book it way ahead. PABKL is the biggest bookfair in Malaysia and in having recently attended this year's edition, I can see why all publishers are keen to be involved in this carnival of books galore.
We were lucky that 2 distributors, MPH online and Deens Print were kind enough to have a signing session at their booth. Both were the distributors of DIAgnosis2 and Alhamdulillah the sale during this book fair was excellent! I was excited and at the same time anxious, as i would not know whether we do really have fans out there who will come in throngs to get our signature! 
 I only attended the first session, on a Saturday afternoon. The traffic was horrible, parking was nowhere and i could see people in masses coming tothis book fair. Upon arriving at our station, i could see people were already waiting for us. Huhu risaunya.. Ben and Din could not attend because of their commitment to work as this particular session was not really planned to happen. Alhamdulillah, MPH was kind enough to give us the slot and it was worth the wait.
 Thank you very much to DIAgnosis2 fans who came and waited patiently for us. It was such a pleasant experience seeing people appreciating your ideas in writing. Insha Allah, this will spur the team to move forward and perhaps writing up more goodies for all of ya!

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