Monday, May 25, 2015

The pursuit of happyness

Kinda like that movie. Touching. 

In the true sense of all our pursuit of happiness, we are reminded to go back to the teachings of our own religion and belief.To achieve the inner peace+happiness. I suppose that is the blanket management to everybody in doubt of their own feelings. But if you do not find your happiness, does it really mean one has not gone back enough to one's religion? haha question upon question.
I guess everybody looks for their own happiness. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Multitude definition and subjective with big gaps of variability.
 What does happiness really mean? It is an interesting connotation which is being potrayed in our minds of our hopes and dreams. Things that were embedded either via formal education or informal education according to one's socio upbringing. It is tough to judge the end point as the definition may change with time according to needs and experience. 
Happiness maybe achieved own your own, or via others like spouse and family, some maybe material which involves career and money. Some may yearn recognition and status. Some may find it early and lost it, some may have looked for it all their lives and achieve it at their dying bed. It is superbly subjective which thinking about it maybe the first dogma and contradiction in achieving it! 
Have i found happiness? false happiness or true happiness?
Happiness in what i do?
Happiness on my achievements?
Happiness of offspring's future? 

And truly.. happiness is assured when one submits fully to the Almighty. 

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