Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kids in PABKL 2015

I brought the kids to PABKL and i guess this was their first time in the biggest book fair in Malaysia. Honestly, I have not been to one voluntarily for the past 10 years, except a few times when we were brought by the book vendors for UiTM library purposes. This time around, Diagnosis2 team had a book signing session for our fans. Why not bring the kids to see what is happening out out there.
 It was jammed packed. I guess this is how it has been for so long that i did not even bother to come and attend. Parking is crap, everything is wrong for the big crowd but nothing beats the atmosphere of 10 thousands of people in the massive crowd! Especially PWTC.. How can you beat the experience in PWTC? This was the first time too there were here, so i brought them to see the potraits of our previous prime ministers. 
We had fun.As the kids looked for their own reading materials, as usual Qaisya has always been keen to fill in her inquisitive brain. I wished we could have spent more time and i was thinking of coming again but fate had it that i was to go somewhere else! (will be revealed in the coming post).

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