Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nurses Day Celebration

The company that i work with certainly celebrate Nurses Day in a festive mood. We had a lunch meet up and of course few speeches were thrown. Our Director has always been sporting and would always join us for our social events.What I am keen about is the attitude of every staff where in the midst of our busy schedue, we meet up to have lunch together. 
 Nurses role is vital for any hospital or healthcare setup. Without them, there would be no way that the setup can thrive and prosper. They are always the unsung heroes, doing jobs sometime more than the their expected scope. I have not known any nurse who would simply neglect their patients. There are rotten apples but only a small number. These rotten apples are individuals who joined nursing for the wrong reasons.It is quite unfortunate that sometimes social media would sensationalize their experience without considering what the nurse went through that night. Of course, they have to be ma'sum without flaws but it is wrong to expect that from a fellow human being. Otherwise, the majority of the trained burses are caring and will always try to do their best for the patient. 
 Happy Nurses Day to all especially to those I've worked, lived and learnt from before. Thank you for your kindness and may Allah reward you for your sincere deeds :)

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PeRdU cINta said...

Moga setiap usaha dan tenaga yang dicurahkan mendapat ganjaran pahala yang sewajarnya..