Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nepal earthquake Mission - Part 1

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. I was on my way back from the book signing session in PABKL.
When something as big as this happened, the social media will go on frenzy mode. My contacts who were with the humanitarian groups were the first to post on this disaster. Immediately i switched on to CNN when i got back home. 
It was confirmed. Nepal just had their biggest earthquake since the 1930s. A Richter scale of 7.9 (when it was first reported on the news). wow.. that is big and i can imagine the destruction! Kathmandu and Nepal was dear to me as I fell in love with the Himalayas during my trip to Everest Base Camp in 2013.
And from that moment, i was glued on the tv screen as well as browsing throught the facebook entries, looking for updates. I knew of a Malaysian team were off to do a cycling expedition in Annapurna. The epicenter of this earthquake was near to Pokhara and I can only pray then that they were alright.
Papa msg me that night telling that Meng is there when it happened. My brother who was travelling from Tibet. Nothing much was disclosed as it was just a short call and sms to tell my dad he was alright but he had lost everything. Papa was worried and it made me wonder.. as he was travelling alone.
The next day I was in the MSA meeting and somehow ended up into the Exco for 2015 haha Well, since you are there and nominated why not. I've not been a committee member for quite sometime back. And it was then, i received an sms,
My heart went racingly wild. Honestly, I answered straight away without much ado. No thinking was involved, almost reflex. And i thought.. wooo.. and what about all i have arranged and my commitments? 
Disclosing this mission to my wife and family members were only after I have sorted out my things with my working colleagues and friends. 
This will be my first time, stepping into the unknown. Ground zero of Disaster.

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