Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nepal Earthquake mission - The beauty of Sankhu

Every morning when i woke up in Sankhu, it was refreshing. Somehow, sleeping here was more fulfilling and satisfactory. I will wake up fresh and ready to go. I am not sure was it because of the fresh oxygen from the natural hill surroundings, excellent weather or was it because i was away from my daily routine of life? The view is superbly outstanding. Sunrise, sunset.. Nepal landscape is a winner. I fell in love with Nepal once and it stayed that way forever. A reminiscence of that feeling while in Sankhu.
(Credit for the beautiful pictures to insta: routexplorer & boiynadz - both were our volunteers there. The picture they caught brought lots of serene memories of Sankhu as the pictures depicted what i saw and experienced)
                                          a favourite realtime view
                                         when night beckons

                                         wheat field
                                         lunch & dinner line

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