Friday, April 10, 2015

Putrajaya Duathlon - Ironman70.3 2015

Ironman.. the final frontier..
Last year we entered the relay event in Putrajaya 70.3 in the hope of being a part of the carnival. Unfortunately, it was classified DNF when Kamal could not continue and the mood became sombre. It was not satisfying especially for me being the runner, i had to wait for at least 5 hours in the hot sun before it was my turn to run. Azad had to leave for Vietnam last year, and the atmosphere was none to feel at all. Because of that experience, rasa taubat cam nak join relay..
 This year somehow, i guess the participant numbers must have not been encouraging, the event organizer decided to have Duathlon as well. The distance was not too bad and despite me not having enough training, i registered without hesitating as i know how the atmosphere can be like. To me what is important is to join the event and finish it, janji habis! Haha 
Azad was as enthusiastic as ever as he registered immediately when i mooted the idea. It was something doable and i was happy to have somebody with me. The gameplan was simple, Janji Habis despite kena potong by those who can be double my size hahaha 
We took the opportunity to collect the bib and place our bicycles the day before. The atmosphere was as how i imagined. Memang best, the brand ironman.. 
We were early. Azad and I woke each other up and with our cars convoyed to Putrajaya. Parking was ample and from that early morning, it was electrifying. we took the opportunity to pray subuh at the mosque which i thought was excellent! Never that i thought the venue would be so close by that it was convenient to pray in jamaah.
How did i perform, well.. the first 5km run was a breeze for me. I was comfortable and not too tired. I did not push myself but i did run all the way. My knees were doing fine. The cycling bit.. huhuh.. this is a total weakness as my only cycling training these past few months was on the trainer; even that it was not too long on it. So as expected, i could see people passing me easily as i struggled in this mere 45km race! My sister has been completing the 160km regularly and if she were to join this event, im sure she'd sayur me anytime! hahaha And the nighmare was at km40 i think, when my right knee jammed on me! total lock..dammnnn.. I wasl ucky i did not fell down but managed to cool myself down before restarting. I was really lucky i did not end up with a DNF hahaha
 Of course, the final 5km was a lenggang kangkung all the way. I could not be bothered to run as i was not going any faster anyway. Alhamdulillah, everything was in due time and i managed to finish it in one piece! haha Memang rasa tak puas hati tengok orang potong but i am thankful i managed to do it despite my lack of training due to my injury.Azad was not too far from me after he caught up during the cycling leg. In fact his time was at least 6-7 minutes better than mine during this leg!!
 It was cool to see my friends like Aktar and Shah completing their half ironman distance in a convincing time.. Hmm.. i started before them but they have surpassed me by miles! Hahaha
All in all, i enjoyed the event. It may not be my best performance but my most satisfying. I will come back, and camana triathlon dream?? I need to realize it..

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