Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March limbo

We are coming to mid March and the cases has picked up. Last month, the number of cases we had were awful. I guess because of the festive period of chinese new year. It is a reflex to feel a little bit worried when the number of cases declined after a good high towards the end of 2014. Being green in private practice, i reckon its normal to have that worry since my income depends a lot on the number of cases i do! Haha Its purely business, if there is none, then i will not be paid. 
That is the difference when one works as an employee and becoming independent. The services we offer is considered a business and soon enough, we are affected by GST. It is unfortunate because it will not be really our charges that will escalate, but the total cost to the consumers ie patients. We will see what will be transpired when it comes. 
 I have myself been a slacker in updating my blog.Life has been hectic at home too when wifey when for her courses during the weekend. What courses? haha a mix of duniawi and ukhrawi! Alhamdulillah, I am glad that she now have something outside the house as an interest. It is good for your mental health being involved in something other than your personal life. It releases your stress though it can create more stress haha
February has also been a reflecting month for me. Life is plentiful and I am thankful to Allah for his blessings. The future is bright and it is about options and steps that we take. Some risky some playing safe but the decisions made should be with knowledge and a bit of wisdom. 
Happy March everyone! 

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