Monday, November 30, 2015

Alfatihah to Shahril Hamzah

I received the news through our SMTTDI chat group. An ex schoolmate of mine Shahril passed away due to a freak motorbike accident in Pajam early morning. It was his last ride. I have not met Shahril since leaving school. Perhaps just facebook and the whatsapp group where he was a non active participant.
Since I was in TTDI on Sunday, i made a point to be present during his funeral. My mum's place and SUngai Penchala is too near. He was a lovely guy as long as i can remember. He was part of the Gunung Tahan expedition team in 1992 and a very useful member. He has always been courteous and i will always remember him for his akhlak.
As the Ketua Murid, i took him into the prefectorial board in form 5 as he was fit to be one. Its just unfortunate that the school had some sort of bias towards those coming from Sungai Penchala. He was chosen based on his merits and Alhamdulillah, he was doing well in life. 
 He left 4 children and it was heartbreaking to see them yesterday night. The jenazah arrived from Seremban hospital at about 630pm and he was buried after the maghrib prayers. It was a shock to the family as he was at his best of health. Shahril was a superbike enthusiast and it was just unfortunate that he decided on a solo ride to Tanjung Malim yesterday. Daud (another ex SMTTDI) colleague was his usual companion and in his bike team. It was a sad moment when his uncle lead the jenazah prayers with his father and siblings on the first saf. 
I saw a few familiar faces yesterday, Im sure they were my juniors in SMTTDI. I met Afezan, a close family friend of Shahril and my former schoolmate too. We caught up and i guess thats how I will meet my old friends; either weddings or funerals. 
ALfatihah for arwah Shahril and may he be blessed amongst the solehins. 

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