Friday, March 22, 2019

Just be happy!

Being happy can be a challenge to few. What makes someone happy? Achieving something? rewarded? acknowledgement? Money? power? attention? 

I guess it varies from one person to another. Its not difficult to be happy. Just be happy! Haha sounds easy right? becuase it is easy to be happy. Just be happy! Simple! Just be happy! Let go of everything that you have piled up in your mind and just be happy!

All this while we have been trained to associate happy as some kind of reward. If there is nothing to celebrate, so why be happy? Adoi.. thats a sad look on life. Just let everything go especially all the problems that you have gre in your mind pockets, let it go and be happy!
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Seriously! It is when we are thankful for whatever we have, whatever that had happened, to whatever problems that beckons one should just thankful for it. Somehow being thankful will make the soul be at peace otherwise one will always mumble and complain for all the reasons that happen in life. Syukur and syukUR!

Seriously! live your life as it comes always once! Mind yourself and to heck with others. Honestly, we do spend our time thinking about others. Envious of others, jealous of their achievements, being in an indirect competition to be the perfect one, looking at what others have not given you and picking on it all the time.. haha Why lah? Why so sad? 

I used to be vengeful. So much anger in me and i dedicated my aim to do it. But i've learnt that it made me negative all the time, looking for another's fault. At times, i'd just pick on whatever flaw that i see.

Hajj 2015 was a revelation. I let that feeling go. Really let it go. And to my surprise, it brought peace to my inner self. I am in congruent with my soul. It was a relief to a burden that i had grudge on. Alhamdulillah, never felt better since. It is so nice to have nothing to think about (haha.. macam lego movie pulak) And letting all the negative go was the best that had happened to my life. 

At the moment, I am being challenged to my greatest might. It is so easy to return to all the grudges and pain that i had let go before. I know how it feels to say things just to hurt rather than to find an amicable solution. It is so sad to see how things just being turned against you. I was ready to retaliate but i did not do so for the simplest reason: I will be a hypocrite because by retaliating i am doing the same of what is done to me. I am a changed person hence i have to let it be. 

The dilemma is real but i believe that if we are in the right, it will be shown sooner or later. Patience is virtue. Saying it is easy but to maintain that waaaa.. No wonder a lot of kalamullah is about being patience! 

I guess one will realize all about sincerity. If we keep on picking on the problem and not solving it, than something is not right..