Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Takde kerja cari kerja haha

Yup, I did it again. Did what? menyusahkan diri sendiri hahaha
I've just joined the MBA ( Healthcare Management) via IMU.
As a part timer of course but from the way they are running it, its full time! But i know my commitments so i dont think i can do it full time no matter how kiasu i can be! We've started the 2 modules - HR and SM and i must say i am learning a lot of new things. As lecturers, they will speak in jargons and terms that sometimes i need to really catch up. Tapi biasalah kot lecturers :) 

I am lucky because with the internet age, its easier to be part of the classes especially in fulfilling the MQA requirements. It would have been impossible in the past. I'm sure there are lots to discover! As a programme though unless we move towards online classes, then only will the course be popular if not regional the world! I did it before in Perth with Melbourne Uni few years ago so nobody can say it is impossible! 
I have been looking and browsing on the MBA courses from various institutions. I chose IMU because of it specific to healthcare and that is my expertise anyway. Its beneficial to learn new things and as I've mentioned to the class, my retirement plan! haha 
My classmates haha Im the oldest kot!! 

So lets see how we go about it and perhaps i will blog my experience being a student again :) 


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aidasalam said...


It's so nice to find another doctor in Malaysia doing MBA, and also blogs. I am currently finishing up my MBA at Heriot-Watt Putrajaya (not healthcare though).

All the best...