Friday, March 22, 2019

Salam.. Christchurch incident

When i first saw the initial part of the video, i thought it was from a game. It really looked like one so i did not continue watching as only the video was circulated. Then later, it was forwarded from other groups as well mentioning something just happened live. And i watched it again. Astaghfirullah, it was real and the way the gunman did it was exactly how you would watch playing the first view gunman game. (Origin was Doom i think).
The gunman was true to his cause. If you had looked into his fb as well as background check on him, you cannot deny his ideation and fanatism towards white supremacy. It was as real as it can be! He really planned it well knowing how many he could gun down on that gloomy Friday.
The whole world was shocked but the NZ PM really did a good job in controlling the situation. Her speech, her demenour wasspot on and she received a lot of praises on how she handled the situation. 
I guess what happened was just how one executes one's own true feeling. In this current world it is not easy to do, to be real to one's feeling. Its always how the majority would determine how the norm should be. Shootings like this is too common in Gaza but yup, nobody really cares. 
One good thing the NZ PM did was to straight away classify it as a terrorist attack which most westerners would not label it as such in previous incidents. Only when it involved muslim gunman that it is classified as terrorist. Now, the act that happened in Christchurch was true to the definition of terrorism. 
Im sure its not going to be the last of such islamophobia acts. We'll see.


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