Friday, April 20, 2007

atas panggilan

Let me tell you what anaesthetists do during our calls.

We'll come very early in the morning - looking at the emergency cases listed ; hoping for very small numbers of cases booked rather than few sheets of paper !

Fiddle with our GA machine - checking it to ensure that everything is in a working order. The above machine is only an illusion - It is theONLY canggih GA machine in UMMC and only to be found in the Dental OT.( You only need to press buttons to check the machine) Otherwise , it'll always be manual job of cabut sini.. & cabut sana..

Start our case - putting patients under anaesthesia and proceed with the operation. Monitoring the patient intra-operatively can be challenging especially ill septic elderly patients. Disaster management plays a big role in being cool about it !

Occasionally - well ... almost always ; things do not go according to what was planned - Look at the blocked tracheostomy tube ! Urrgghhh... no wonder I had difficulty in ventilation !

Or when things really go wrong like yesterday !! We were using the portable ICU ventilator to maintain the ventilatory setting of our patient undergoing operation..

And at the end of the day.... sometimes midnight !! Makan time.... :)


Anonymous said...

how many on-call per week do you have as a anaes trainee

Dr.M said...

one or two per week with a total of 6 or 7 per month - depending on your manpower during exam period , definitely shortage and increased numbers of call !!

Stupe said...

exciting la bro, i've always wanted to be a doc, but blajar tak pandai...

Dr.M said...

i envy you too bro ! Your adrenaline cum endorphine pumpin' activities ! I'll do the marathon one day !

DrFrappucino said...

It just so happen that the Drager fabius brand is the standard ventilator in our hospital, yup in all OT :)

Bw, bro how come you haven't peep my blog anymore :0